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ndrea Mitchell has been passionate about Digital Marketing since 1997, and has continuously and consistently utilised her expertise to encourage and promote the growth of digital media in South Africa. She has spearheaded many industry firsts, and has been a constant compass in the murky waters of digital advertising and marketing through setting guidelines, standards and providing continual education.

Andrea was responsible for launching one of the very first banner campaigns in South Africa for iafrica.com in the mid nineties. žDuring the late nineties, Andrea joined Media Africa, one of the first South African consumer publishing online content pure-plays, run by Arthur Goldstuck and Herman Manson, where she worked as Marketing Manager on various titles.žThe mid 2000’s saw her join žAcceleration as an Online Media Planner, and soon move into the role of Media Director; a position she left to launch an independent strategy house, which then promptly got co-opted into 34 Degrees South. Andrea went on to launch DigiVOX, a specialist digital media and marketing agency in 2008. One of its first clients was BMW, who remained a client until the company was dissolved in July 2013.

žMitchell is well-reputed for her commitment to education and training to help address the shortage of skills in the industry, and has continually been involved in education in digital in various capacities both through the DMMA (Digital Media and Marketing Association), AAA School of Advertising as well as independently where she has trained media planners as well as sales rep’s. She has judged many online marketing initiatives (including Creative Circle and Bookmarks) and tackled many education initiatives and industry challenges.

She has been listed in Jeremy Maggs’ The Annual – Top 10 New Media Players and has also been nominated and shortlisted for “Best Overall Contribution to Digital” by The Bookmarks on more than one occasion.


During her tenure as Head of Research for DMMA, in addition to many smaller research projects throughout the year, Andrea was responsible for ground-breaking research on behalf of the DMMA, entitled “Digital Media Evaluation Amongst Marketers“, which delved not only into the reality of South African online spend of the Top 100 Advertisers in South Africa but also addressed perceptions, current investment and future planned investment, per digital channel.

Andrea is a  driver of education and change in the digital industry and is committed to assisting brands, agencies and publications alike to make their mark in the digital arena through assisting with strategy, training, mentorship and ensuring that the correct standards are applied for all digital marketing initiatives.

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