DigiChat with Andrea: Do agencies, brands and publishers need a digital division?

digital divisionWe’ve all experienced it – the compelling and emotive TV ad that leaves us wanting to find out more…

Stretching for our mobile phones, tablets or laptops from a cosy couch on a Sunday evening, we hunt for the brand’s site. Alas, we don’t find it. Or worse, we do, but the offer advertised on television is not on the site, and navigating the mobile site requires more than a magnifying glass and geography degree. Quickly losing patience, we opt to go in search of the brand’s Facebook or Twitter account, which can lead to even more disastrous results for a brand (but that’s another whole topic entirely).

Those millions spent on a brilliantly produced TV ad have just resulted in a complete disconnect in the only channels where we could possibly connect with the brand. Why is it that so few brands truly succeed in integrating their message across multiple touch-points and what is being done to resolve this?

I went in search of answers. Read more here

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