DigiChat with Andrea: Digital marketing skills, talent and training

digital marketing skillsJust less than a year ago, I closed my own digital marketing agency and went freelance. A large contributing factor behind the closure was my inability to attract and retain the required calibre of staff to help maintain the standards required in a very fast-paced and constantly changing industry. Having recognised this lack of skills, my focus has shifted largely towards training and mentoring. What I have learned, is that the skills challenge at my company was not mine alone but the entire industry’s, and not just locally.

A recent US survey released by the Online Marketing Institute says that “ad agency executives were not satisfied with the skill levels of digital talent, and there are significant gaps between the skills talent should possess, and the skills they currently have. Only 8% of executives surveyed believe their employees are strong in all areas of digital marketing and advertising.” In addition, “over 80% of companies surveyed face significant challenges in consistently locating, hiring and retaining top talent.”

The most alarming takeout? 30% of large companies and 24% of agencies are unable to adequately distinguish between individuals with the right skills, and those without. Read that again. It means that even those hiring can’t tell the difference between those that actually know what is going on, and those that just talk a good game!

South Africa faces similar challenges. Digital marketing skills are in high demand, but short supply. One of the biggest challenges for any company investing in (or providing) digital marketing services is skilled resources. Is this shortage of skills due to a lack of training, or simply a market that’s growing at such a phenomenal rate that demand outpaces supply?

I went in search of answers.

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