Andrea does not apply a “one size fits all” approach to tackling digital marketing challenges, preferring to discuss specific challenges and then providing the appropriate bespoke solution, which could include :

Andrea Mitchell Servicesblue bulletDigital Marketing Training

What is digital media, how to buy/sell it, how to analyse what works and what  doesn’t and what to do about it

It takes a rare combined approach of analytical, technical and creativity to truly master digital advertising.  Analysing the objectives is crucial before embarking on a well thought out strategy and plan that will deliver results.  What follows, is media negotiation, implementation and most importantly, constant monitoring and optimisation.

  • Strategy
  • Channel Selection (Social, Search, Display)
  • Platform (Desktop, Mobile)
  • Planning
  • Buying
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • Ongoing Optimisation

Whether you’re an online sales rep, planner or brand, we provide a bespoke solution to guide you through the process to enable you or your company to master online advertising.

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Digital Strategy and Channel Planning

A good digital strategy needs to address and deliver on the objectives.  A great strategy, enables results and return on investment.
It also needs to take into account what activity is taking place in other channels (TV, Radio, Print) and adresses all the touchpoints in the consumer journey.

Knowing which channel will be best suited to not only reach the target market, but that will also deliver on the objectives, is crucial.

This could be in Paid Media channels such as :

  • Social (eg Facebook advertising)
  • Search (keyword and/or display network bidding); and
  • Display (placement on targeted, premium web sites and/or subscriber based newsletters).

It should also include Owned Media such as :

  • Web site
  • Mobile site / Mobile App
  • Blogs
  • Social Media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

And finally, Earned Media such as :

    • Word of Mouth : re-tweets, mentions, shares
    • Online PR
    • Organic Search (SEO)

Digital Marketing Audit Andrea Mitchell Services 3blue bullet

Whether you’ve partnered with an agency, or handling your digital marketing initiatives yourself, an experienced and fresh glance at how its being managed can help deliver better return on investment.  Andrea will work with you and/or your agency and report back accordingly.

  • Are you getting the best possible media rates?
  • Are your paid media campaigns being implemented and managed properly?
  • Is your reporting on par, and are results being monitored and optimised?
  • Are you digital channels fully integrated and aligned with your other channels?

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PPC Campaigns Andrea Mitchell Contact

Andrea and Adri’s extensive experience in conceptualising, building and maintaining PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns will help you deliver ROI.  Whether you need help getting it off the ground to make a quick start whereafter we teach you how to manage it yourself, or whether you wish us to maintain it for you on an ongoing basis, we can assist with all your PPC campaign requirements.

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Contact Andrea and let us know how we can assist.

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