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Digital Strategy and Channel Planning

A good digital strategy needs to address and deliver on the objectives.  A great strategy, enables results and return on investment. It also needs to take into account what activity is taking place in other channels (TV, Radio, Print) and adresses all the touchpoints in the consumer journey.

Knowing which channel will be best suited to not only reach the target market, but that will also deliver on the objectives, is crucial.

This could be in Paid Media channels such as :

  • Social (eg Facebook advertising)
  • Search (keyword and/or display network bidding); and
  • Display (placement on targeted, premium web sites and/or subscriber based newsletters).

It should also include Owned Media such as :

  • Web site
  • Mobile site / Mobile App
  • Blogs
  • Social Media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

And finally, Earned Media such as :

    • Word of Mouth : re-tweets, mentions, shares
    • Online PR
    • Organic Search (SEO)

Contact Andrea  for input and advice on strategy and channel selection.

“Andrea assisted Saatchi South Africa in growing our burgeoning digital media strategy & buying offering with honest, realistic advice. Andrea knows the game very well and is an exceptional teacher / mentor & consultant. I would highly recommend her to brands, agencies, regulatory bodies and education institutions. She also happens to be a fantastic person!” Julian Mountain – Head of Digital, Saatchi & Saatchi

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